Save the Dates! More Events Planned for River Walk

Following on our March for Science, Month of Birding, and Riverside Music Connects, lots more community events are planned for 2017

Sat. July 15th     Tree Walk with Tom Ingersoll:
9am-11am. A guided exploration of the riverine forest.

Sat. Sept. 9th     Riverside Trails Forum with Peter Jensen:
10am-12pm. Learn about the complexities and accomplishments of riverside trail development.

Sundays Sept. 17th, 24th, & Oct. 1st Interpretive Stroll on the River Walk with Elia Del Molino:
10am-11am. Tour this designated National Recreation Trail and discover its historic, cultural and ecological significance.

For more information and to pre-register for any of River Walk’s events, please email:

All activities meet at the Du Bois Rain Garden at the bottom of Church St. & River St.