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River Walk is Great Barrington Land Conservancy’s oldest continuing conservation initiative. The Conservancy believes that funding must be assured well into the future and is launching the River Walk Future Campaign in order to establish a predictable base of long-term funding and ensure this environmental, educational, and historical treasure will be there for future generations. You can become a founding member of River Walk’s Future Fund.

Establishing a future fund to support River Walk and its outreach programming will assure the continuation of this vital resource. Our goal is to ease the urgency of an annual fundraising strategy by creating a stable financial foundation that can support River Walk for the long term and complement River Walk’s annual efforts in the short term. We want to provide a more predictable revenue stream that will enable and advance strategic planning for River Walk programming and development.

Without River Walk, we will forfeit our in-town river access. We will lose our stellar model for future riverside trails and river bank rehabilitation, our poignant connections to W. E. B. Du Bois and William Stanley, and our tried and true education model for engaging youth and community members in the powerful work of environmental stewardship.  You are essential to this campaign effort. The trail forward is challenging and exciting.  River Walk’s legacy will be built by individuals, businesses and foundations like you.  For more information contact Christine Ward at

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