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Please remember that you are passing through private property and are here as a guest. A few words about trail etiquette, our standards for complying with sound ecological practices, and our policy on motorized use.

A Few Words about Trail Etiquette

Please remember that it is unsafe to use the trail during icy conditions and therefore the trail is closed during the winter months.

Please curb your dog. Waste bags are provided on both trail sections. Our volunteers appreciate their use.

Please remember that the path is constructed for walking and nature viewing only. No bicycles.

Please use the proper entrances and exits. Stay on the delineated trail where it is safe to travel.

Riverbank slopes are sensitive to erosion. Please do not climb on the bank.

Please respect the desire of others for a smoke-free environment. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable.

Please help us to keep River Walk clean. Carry out what you carried in.

Please consider picking up any litter you see along the trail.

Please leave the flowers for all to enjoy.

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Trail Plan Standards

The River Walk area should comply with sound ecological practices, provide safe public access, and educate the public in river stewardship.

Design of the trail system is intended to create minimal impact on existing site conditions.

Some trees will be removed to allow for trail route.

Some trees will be pruned to enhance views of the river. Pruning will be responsive to maintenance of existing shade conditions and erosion control along the steep slopes.

Any new landscaping introduced to the site must use native trees, shrubs, ground covers, etc. Planting may be done for purposes of habitat enhancement, nonpoint source pollution control, erosion control, aesthetics, and view control. Existing invasive plantings shall be removed or cut back to the extent feasible. Existing exotic invasive trees may be cut back. Tree removal must promote maintenance of existing shade conditions and erosion control along the steep slopes.

The design of all materials (wood, soil, landscape, etc.) introduced to the River Walk area must be appropriate to the natural site (i.e. native), while also ensuring safety and durability.

Permeable trail surfaces will be used when possible.

Non-chemically treated wood or metal or ecologically consistent recycled building materials will be used for structural supports (both buried and exposed) and finish surfaces where possible.

Disability access shall be maintained to the extent that the site allows.

There shall be no use of chemical pesticides, insecticides, or other toxins within the River Walk area.

Except in cases of emergency, the public shall have free access to the River Walk for passive and active recreation in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Access may be limited to ensure public health and safety, and ecological integrity. Restrictions may include, but are not limited to, limiting trespass on fragile slopes and requiring that dogs be properly leashed and managed.

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