River Walk is Closed for the Season

River Walk is closed for the season. Thank you for a great year. Please join us for our annual Earthday workday on Saturday April 21, 2018, when we open again in the spring. Among our 2017 accomplishments:


6 outdoor kinetic learning programs and onsite training to 73 Greenagers, middle-schoolers and other teens


9 e-birding programs season to 32 participants


New public programs for 365 participants, including Worldwide March for Science, Riverside Music Connects, National Trails Day Explorations, Greenagers Orientation Day, Tree Walk with Tom Ingersoll, Riverside Trails Forum with Peter Jensen, and Heritage Walks


9 on-site service learning programs


145 volunteers contributed 268 hours


Managed and improved 0.5 mile of recreational trail land river access


Native restoration of 2.63 acres of riverbank


Planted 2197 native trees, shrubs, live stakes and plants


Rid the riverbank of exotic invasives


Native habitat for butterflies


Installed 200 new linear feet of of CPA-funded riverbank reinforcement, backfilled and planted


Estimated 12,000 visitations by locals and tourists yearly


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